Multilingual Web Sites and Mobile Apps

The World Wide Web makes it possible for anyone, anywhere in the world, to meet and interact with your organization. The Internet can create relationships that transcend geographic boundaries. Netixy can help you transcend the linguistic and cultural boundaries between you and your international business partners with our comprehensive Website Services.

Website ans Mobile Apps Localization

True website or mobile application localization goes far beyond language translation. The interactive nature of the website requires a comprehensive and coherent design which addresses technical challenges of presentation in other languages and cultural expectations of the target audience.

Among the technical issues we address are:

  • String length variation among languages and effects on screen design
  • Character encoding standards (especially for Asian languages)
  • Font characteristics for readability and style
  • Search and sorting algorithms for other languages

Culturally, text and graphical content are tailored for the target culture using:

  • Textual content that is both accurate and culturally appropriate for the target audience
  • Graphic images that are meaningful in the target culture
  • Culturally appropriate presentation styles

Netixy blends all of these essential components into an effective forum for interacting with your international target audience and make your website or mobile apps a real success.