Web hosting in Taiwan and elsewhere

We also offer hosting solutions (for website and email as well).

Servers we use are located in Europe (France, Spain, Germany), in the United States, Japan, but also in Taiwan.

Our solutions include shared or dedicated servers (Linux & Windows)

Hosting in mainland China (People’s China)

To counter what some call the “Great Firewall“, the government’s firewall installed in China, it may be interesting to host a website in China.

Even if your website doesn’t interest the chinese government, it still may be blocked if it is hosted on a shared server where the IP address is shared by multiple websites.

The blocking system is based on IP address, if one website is blocked, all websites hosted in the same server will be blocked.

Regarding the SEO and access time, if most of your visitors come from China, hosting a website in China should be considered.

For this, you will need an ICP license, that our local partner will be able to provide.

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